Turkish Hamam

The Turkish bath has 1000 year old history and the process involved in taking a Turkish Bath is simular to that of a sauna, but it is more closely related to the bathing practices of the Romans.

Taking a Turkish bath is the best way to start your holiday as you get a full body peeling and after that your skin is ready for a beautiful tan that will last longer...

You choose if you want to use the sauna only, if you want peeling, soap massage and whole body massage. We have different programs.

Peeling + Foam Washing
30 min

Foam massage
30 min

Sultan program
Peeling and foam washing, face mask & massage, full body massage
60 min

Pasha Program
Peeling, foam washing and full body massage.
60 min

Medical Program
Peeling, foam washing, face mask & massage and full body medical massage.
90 min

Aroma Therapy
Peeling, foam massage, basic face & décolleté treatment and aroma therapy massage.
90 min