Classical Body Massage
30 min

Anti Stress Massage
45 min

Medical Body Treatment
The Medical Massage contains many different techniques, which realize all of the pressure amongst other things on your body. Kneading, vibration, friction and movements. Therapy massage belongs into the hands of a therapist and with this massage you will feel new energy streaming through your body.
60 min

Medical Back Massage
Focusing on the back, neck & shoulders. Will help you to relax and releases stress and tensions from your muscles.
30 min

Foot Reflex Massage
Are your feet & legs heavy and tired? Organs and muscles have many different connections to certain points of the nerves. These are attatched to our feet and hands with the pressure points we have in our feet.
30 min

Aroma Therapie
All skin types. The ultimate massage experience. The oils used in aromatherapy are pure and volatile oils derived from those parts of plants such as the root, flowers, leaves etc. Aromatic oils are effective physically and spiritually. They relieve the blood circulation and the organism; enhance the skin's resistance against external influences. Pleasant odours flatter and tranquillize the spirit, giving positive energy.
45 min

Sport Massage
This covers the local massages applied to warm up the muscles before sports, ensuring tone and minimize any injuries that may occur.
35 min