The 3000 years old Indian "Science of long & healthy living" (Ayur= long life, Veda= science), the treatment of diseases serves the health in particular by decontamination of the body. These cures particularly apply in the form of natural cures from herbs, special Ayurveda food and treatments such as massages, steam or oil casting.

Abhyanga is an ayurveda whole body massage. By the massage the body becomes soft and supple and revives in new vital strength and freshness. Warm, high-quality oil is laid on the whole body and eight-SAM in rubs. Thus stress is reduced, which leads to a deep relaxation and regeneration of the body. In addition the internal organs, metabolism and blood circulation are activated.
45 min

Abhyanga + Shirodara. Complete body and head massage with warm Ayurveda Herbs oil
45 min